News from Dublin 2017

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For 12 years Munabe has been offering a program in which students of our school spend the month of September learning English in Dublin. Students live with Irish families and attend school on weekdays.

On Saturday they meet other students to go on excursion around Ireland and on Sunday they spend the day with their Irish family. It is a great opportunity for them to improve their English. This year, the pupils who have gone to Ireland from Munabe are Alumnos Álvaro de Rábago, Bosco Garriga, Pablo García, Jon Malumbres, Unai Pérez, Borja Echeandia, Lander Barrio, Mikel Ferruelo, Alejandro Pedrosa, Álvaro Lizarralde, Fermín García. With our group have also come two students of Erain Jaime Fernández de Betoño, Álvaro Arrieta.

In this link you can see different news about them and other students from Munabe: HTTP://IRLANDA2017.BLOGSPOT.COM.ES 

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